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The church in any location is only one generation away from  death.

The church in any location is only one generation away from death.

Fancy and flashy websites are not a great way to measure the capability of a company, a church or a consultant. Here at B. Thomas Strategies, we pride ourselves on simple solutions to your complex church problems.

Our passion is helping small and mid-sized churches in any way we can. While our specialty is providing free bulletin articles and filler material, we also provide affordable and casual church consulting to help small churches and mid-sized churches tackle what should be small and temporary problems but which sometimes resemble the phrase “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”

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Need Free Church Website Content or Free Bulletin Articles?

In the life of every congregation, there comes a time when you will need free content for the church website, church bulletin, church newsletters and church emails. Some of our content can even be used by ministers as sermon illustrations. B. Thomas Strategies provides free content for all of these needs. Credit does not need to be given but is appreciated. While our church bulletin articles and other bulletin filler material is free, viewing these recommended books on Amazon helps our website thrive.

If you need free bulletin articles (our specialty), free Christian poetry, free Christian quotes, Check out our free content here.

Our Denominational Focus

We don’t focus on one denomination or church. Our writers come from varied backgrounds. Check out the following partial list of who we provide church bulletin resources for… (in alphabetical order of course).

We provide Baptist church bulletin fillers, prayers and poetry for Catholic churches, free bulletin articles for Churches of Christ, humorous church bulletin articles for Evangelical Free churches, free Christian poetry and stories for Methodist churches, Christian quotes and prayers for Presbyterian churches and free bulletin articles for all non-denominational churches. Of course, any of our free bulletin articles can also be used as sermon illustrations.


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