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The genesis of B. Thomas Strategies is prayer. Originating from two sources, the prayer BTS is founded upon were those prayers said on behalf of ministers and church leaders founder Brian Humek had on his devotional email list for many years. When asked for prayer needs, many ministers shared church problems with Brian and asked for much needed intercession. These prayer requests put a burden on Brian’s heart for ministers, church leaders and the struggles they go though in trying to reach the lost. More contact with ministers and church leaders through fundraising for his Zach’s House church planting work found Brian hearing stories of more church struggles, inducing even more prayer on behalf of Brian for beleaguered leaders.

Brian Humek is the principal in B. Thomas Strategies. He is a former young adult minister, a preacher and a church planter. He still does part-time ministry work with Zach’s House, a network of microchurches in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Brian’s heart lies in helping others find Jesus and helping small and mid-sized churches become more effective at reaching the unchurched. One of Brian’s church consulting heroes is Thom Rainer. Brian recommends all ministers and church leaders read this post on church consulting from Thom.


BTS offers many different services to meet the needs of ministers, church leaders and their congregations.

Below are the services BTS offers:

Message Enhancement (Price: $)
Help is sometimes needed to make sure your message resonates. This could be via a sermon series or through simple church announcements. Make sure you use the perfect words to elicit a positive response. Make sure the right phrases or keywords are repeated often during your sermons or campaigns. The right words make a world of difference.

First Impression Reports (Price: $)
These reports can be as simple or complex as you wish. The more of your church experience you share with BTS, the more we can comment on your strengths and weaknesses and the more we can make recommendations that will help enhance your congregation. Let us give you our first impression of your church.

Short and Long Term Strategies (Price: $$)
“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” You may have read these words in Proverbs 29:18. You must, to succeed in any endeavor, be able to see where you are going and how you will get there. Now think about a phrase you’ve heard many times, “The church is the people.” We can extrapolate that and say, “If the people perish, the church will perish too.” Whether you need help sketching out a picture of where your church will go over the next several months or whether you are trying to build your first five year plan, we can help you.

Individual Ministry Consultations (Price: $)
Do you have one ministry which is in need of help? For some reason this ministry is faltering and you cannot understand why. When first announced, everyone in the pews was for it, they were excited to get the ministry started, many people signed up to volunteer. But now, things have changed, people are not helping, some who were excited have decided to abandon the ministry and have even begun mumbling about the ministry leaders…. we can help change things around and give you answers to what is happening to cause what seems to be sudden dismay.

Send us an introductory email and tell us about your needs.

Church Consulting Certification

BTS is not certified with the Society for Church Consulting. Consultants certified through that organization charge up to $5500 for their services for churches with under 300 members. We charge much much less because we know many of the churches who need urgent help are not only in numerical straits but financial straits too. We consider this work a ministry for our Lord. We want to help you fulfill the great commission.

BTS does however, follow the Society for Church Consulting code of ethics.

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