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Bearing Fruit in Old Age

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Old Woman PhotoThis was written just before we began our ministry at the Heartland Assisted Living Center a few years ago.

Pslams 92:12-15

This coming Sunday is a big day. The congregation I attend will begin a new nursing home ministry. I am honored to lead this service for its first two weeks. I may continue beyond that, but that is yet to be determined.

So what message will I take to those in wheel chairs and those with other frailties which may make life hard to bear? I think Psalms 92:12-15 is a wonderful message for those facing difficulties that advanced years may bring. Look specifically at verse 14 – “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.”

Bearing fruit is not one-dimensional. I’ve heard stories about folks who could not walk and were terminally ill, but they still bore fruit. One gentleman, in his 80s, used his phone to bear fruit. He encouraged people every day with his calls. He brightened many lives. Others can simply listen lovingly when their friends talk. Offering understanding is bearing fruit. Lifting up others in prayer is bearing fruit.

The superheroes of the Bible – Moses, Joshua, Daniel were all 80 or older when they did their mightiest work. But superheroes can be simple people with simple acts. One does not need to part the Red Sea, invade Canaan, or be a governor of Babylon to bear fruit. Living a life pleasing to God by praying to him and loving him is a fruit-bearing life too. Living a self-controlled life, acting kind toward others and having a gentle personality is also the sign of bearing fruit. This can be done at any age. Most of all, just acknowledging that God is your rock is the best way to bear fruit in old age. So believe it when the Psalmist says, “They will bear fruit.”

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