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Don’t Use Ephesians 5:19 to Argue Against Instrumental Music

Instrumental music argument

Time and time again, the question of why acapella churches of Christ have no instruments is raised. Sometimes , it is simply because a visitor stumbles into an acapella church and sees no piano, organ or big band blaring. That gets the visitor wondering if the instruments are being tuned that week or something more […]

Are Empty Church Buildings a Thing of the Past?

empty church building picture Church consulting services

To our readers: This post will be more helpful for those church leaders whose buildings remain empty most days of the week except for Wednesday nights and Sundays. Sundays and Wednesdays Church buildings come in all shapes and sizes and one thing many of them have in common way too often is their emptiness. A […]

Animated video about Church Bureaucracy and Foursquare

foursquare logo image

Here’s a little animated video for those who are familiar with Foursquare and or church bureaucracy. If you’ve ever been fed up with all the meetings necessary to get some things done in church, the first few moments of this video might be something yearned for in your congregation. I thought some people who browse […]

How Many Fake Twitter Followers Should Your Social Media Expert Have?

Fake followers on Twitter

Last September, I attended a church conference in Abilene, Texas called Summit. This conference is associated with Abilene Christian University. Summit, back when it was simply referred to as the ACU Lectures, was visited by many ministers from all across Texas and the entire United States. Quite a few years ago, the conference moved from […]

The Lord’s Supper – Sad Funeral or Happy Celebration?

The Lord's Supper should be a celebration not a funeral

What does the image below have to do with the Lord’s Supper? The above image is a screenshot from the movie Beat Street. That movie, released in 1984 did for break dancing and rap music and graffiti (hip hop) what the movie Colors did for gangs in 1986, it caused the phenomena to spread all […]

A social media harvest is possible

social media evangelism

Do You Have a Successful Church Twitter Account Why are some churches successful at using social media and others aren’t? While I haven’t found any stunning success stories, there are some small successes. For example, Zach’s House, a microchurch network in the Dallas-Ft. Worth I began a few years ago has used Twitter effectively on […]

What is the purpose of Twitter?

what is the purpose of Twitter

The following Twitter advice applies equally well to business, personal or church Twitter accounts The Twitterverse is huge. Of course, it isn’t Facebook, and praise God for that. Now, I understand the purpose of facebook, it’s to play games, stalk old classmates and to bother people with invites to all kinds of things. But what […]

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