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What the Bible teaches about blogging

blogging tips for churches

Bible Basics of Blogging Be Nice Don’t use your blog as a platform for attacks on others or as a constant stream of negativity i.e. complaints or rants. People don’t want to be brought down. After all, life is tough enough in the real world without reading negative blog posts. People want to be lifted […]

Does Your Church Need a Freelance Social Media Manager?


Tweak Your Twitter Account and More Here are five signs your congregation may need the services of a freelance social media manager: 1) The church Twitter account profile picture is an egg. 2) The church email inbox is filled with friend requests from Xanga, Friendster and MySpace. 3) Your ministry staff thinks Google + is […]

Should Churches Tweet?

should churches tweet

Should Churches tweet? If you’re ready for that big responsibility, then I’d say, “Go for it!” But as the book of James says, “Not everyone who can teach should be a teacher.” The same can be said of those who tweet. “Not all churches who can tweet should tweet.” When you start a twitter account […]

Think Before You Change Your Church Name

changing the church name

  Churches like to be attractional A much respected elder at the church we attended a couple years back stood up one day to announce the church would be changing names. In his talk, he mentioned two, maybe three times, their desire to have a new name which would attract people. When speaking of having […]

Santa Claus is Chinese as Hardrock Coco and Joe Know

Santa Claus is Chinese

I’m not sure where you grew up, but for everyone growing up in Chicagoland, we know Megyn Kelly and Sarah Palin and everyone else who thinks Santa is white are all totally wrong. Everyone who grew up watching Hardrock, Coco and Joe on the Ray Rayner Show, Garfield Goose and on Bozo’s Circus (think they […]

Duck Dynasty Boycott – Show Support for Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Quotes cause an uproar and multiple boycotts

So Phil Robertson quotes the Bible and outrage spreads across mass media and the professional gay community (GLADD). I’m also sure there were plenty of homosexuals who were upset without their professional spokespeople at GLADD telling them to be upset. But for what reason was GLADD upset with the Phil Robertson quotes in his upcoming […]

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