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miracles Devo

There are many miracles in the Bible. Let us consider the following: creation, the parting of the Red Sea, the flood, the raising of Lazarus, the blind receiving sight, Jesus walking on water, and his resurrection. Have you had any such miracles in your own life? Have you had any that were a little less dramatic?

Why do the Evil Prosper?

money evil prosper devo

A question arose the other day, “How can I be doing wrong if things are going good for me?” This question has been asked for thousands of years and I’ve come to realize that life is simply hard to understand at times. Have you or anyone you know ever asked this question?

Keep Pressing on – Church Bulletin Articles

Underground Empire perseverance

Time flies doesn’t it? It has been almost 20 years since I began reading THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE by James Mills. This book looks with great detail, into the world of illegal drug trafficking. As a youth, I had a fascination with big level drug dealers and how their organizations were structured. Don’t ask me why. The basic point of this tidbit is to celebrate my achieving a milestone. I have finally made it to page 800.

The Mystery of Christ

the mystery of Christ

Whether it be eastern religions, new age mysticism, or paganism, more than ever, people are interested in the spiritual and the mystical. People are attracted to the mysterious. Spirituality, in its very nature is mysterious. What does this mean for the church? Well…

How Beautiful – Free Church Bulletin Article

prairie kansas

My recent trip to Kansas this past weekend helped cement the point of Ecclesiastes 3:11 in my mind. There is a lot of beauty between Dallas and Wichita (really, there is). I like the open prairie and I was able to see all of it.

Zach’s House – Church Bulletin Article

Zacchaeus devotional

Zacchaeus was a wee little man. If being short is considered a problem, it was the smallest of his problems. He worked for the Roman government as a tax collector and he cheated the people. Even with these problems, he was interested in Jesus and Jesus was interested in him.

Restoration (back to God’s plan)


In a column on art restoration, Robert Fulford writes, “A scholar came upon a striking fact: in the year 1516, the Brancacci Chapel in Florence burned half a barrel of oil every day, just to keep its votive lamps flickering. The oil of course produced soot, which floated upwards and coated the art on the walls. Multiply that half-barrel by the days of the year, multiply again by the number of years this practice was followed (say, 400), then factor in the wax from candles lit by individual worshippers.” Believe me, that’s a lot of soot covering up the artistic masterpieces in that chapel.

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