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Bulletin Digest alternativeBible Passage: Psalm 62:6

Is your world troubled? Have relatives passed away? Has unemployment caused you uncertainty? Have relationships been rocked by the everyday struggles of life? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I pray that God will quickly take away your heavy burden. I also pray that you come away stronger from whatever trial you may be enduring at this time.

A question may arise when your times are bad. Your pre-Christian friends and co-workers may ask, “Where is Your God?” – that question comes straight from Psalm 42:10. Doubt may arise in their mind whether God exists at all. Don’t let your struggles make you doubt too. God does exist and he is the same God in your time of struggle as he was when you were prospering and all was right with your world. He doesn’t change. He is a rock. He is a fortress. (Psalm 62:10). To be more specific, He is my rock and my fortress. I hope he’s yours too.

There are times when I need encouragement and tonight I found it in the 62nd Psalm. If you find yourself troubled, please read the entire Psalm by turning to page 898 (if you have the Holy Bible Read to me Edition with a picture of Jesus and little children on the front). This Psalm is magnificent, especially verses 5-8. May God bless your week.

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