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Bulletin Digest alternativeBible Passage: 1 Corinthians 11:1

Saturday I read a book about leadership. It was a great read and made me realize we are all lead by something or someone. At the same time, we are all leading/influencing someone else, whether we know it or not. How do you lead? Begrudgingly? Angrily? Willingly? How do you lead? By example? With a positive attitude? Because you have to?

These questions are ones we should ponder. You may never have thought of yourself as a leader, but you are influencing others. That’s what leadership is all about, influence. In spousal relationships, parental relationships, grandparental relationships, work relationships, relationships with pre-Christians (those who have yet to begin a relationship with Christ), relationships with teachers or students or anyone for that matter, you have an influence.

If you’re a happy positive person, you will be an encouragement to any of the above. However, many times we can be a negative influence. We can be like the guy who watched Robert Fulton launch the first steamboat. He stood watching saying, “He’ll never get it going. He’ll never get it going.” Then after the steam boat began moving. The same man was not at a loss for words. He began saying, “He’ll never get it stopped. He’ll never get it stopped.” As a leader, what kind of influence are you?

As a follower of leaders, how do you fare? Do you fight at every suggestion of the leader? Do you insist on your own way? Better be careful, that may lead to the highway. Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” Wow! That’s some statement on leadership.

Christ, the ultimate leader, led by example. He did even better than lead by example. He helped others become leaders and inspired them to lead by example. I think of Peter and James who personally witnessed the leadership abilities of Christ. Here, Paul speaks about following the example of Christ. Although Paul wasn’t personally following Christ during his ministry, Christ’s actions did inspire Paul later in his life. Although we weren’t following Christ personally during his ministry, we too can look at Christ’s actions and follow his example.

Leaders reading this today (that is all of you, because all of you exert some influence upon another person), please think about your actions as a leader and as a follower. Are you leading others positively? Are you following good examples rather than bad ones? These are just two questions that I should ponder each day? I thought maybe you’d like to ponder them along with me.

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