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Loving God

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We really love our smart phones and tablets

We really love our smart phones and tablets

Loving God
Genesis 1:26-27


In a past devotional, I may have mentioned that we have become a society that uses people and loves things instead of loving people and using things. Can we take that backward way of thinking to get back to God’s idea plan for us? We love sports. We love shoes (I had to include women here). We love computers. We love cars. We really love things. Think hard about where you spend your time and money; you may come to the same realization. Since we love things so much, what would happen if we fell in love or deeper in love with the one who made these things possible?

God is the ultimate creator. He is the one who created within us the competitive nature which fuels sports and the genius behind the invention of computers, the design of shoes shoes and the engineering of cars. After all, He made people and he gave us creative minds. The next time we love something, let us remember the creator of all. Let us fall a bit deeper in love with Him and see where that takes us in our spiritual journey. God loves us so much, despite all of our faults. We don’t have to love him back for him to love us, but it would be nice. I think when we show God our love, our faith grows that much stronger.

Suggested Reading

The Book of Genesis (New International Commentary on the Old Testament Series) 1-17

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