You don't want a Jeremiah  church. We don't want you to have one either.

You don’t want to have a Jeremiah church.
We don’t want you to have one either.

A problem seen in many churches is a lack of action. This is not due to a lack of trying on behalf of the minister and church leaders. Sermons are preached and on a good day, people in the pews take heed and make the suggested changes or suggested action proposed by the preacher. But more often than not, the preacher winds up feeling like Jeremiah, a prophet of God who was heard, but rarely were his exhortations or warnings ever heeded.

Time is too precious for a minister to speak God’s words and not have church members pay attention. It becomes tiring week after week for preachers to spend hours preparing a message and then delivering it to apathetic ears. It is just as tiring for church leaders to witness this problem.

B. Thomas Strategies can help messages be crafted to create change in your church members. Whether this message is the actual sermon to be preached or a message concerning a proposed church program which you hope will capture the imagination of church members, we can help those messages get the results you want. However, remember that even the most perfectly created message will fall on deaf ears if church members have hardened hearts. Let’s hope your situation is not that serious.

Contact us today to discuss our messaging service. We want your church members to emulate James 1:22-25 more than they emulate the people preached to by the prophet Jeremiah. Let’s discuss how we can help make sure that happens.

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