Spiritual and Numerical Growth

85Spiritual and Numerical Growth

According to David T. Olson of the American Church Project, 85% of Americans do not attend church. The number will grow to 87% by 2020. From his study, church is quickly becoming irrelevant to most of society. Church is now on the fringes of our culture. There is no doubt about this.

Look at local school sports teams. It was unheard of twenty years ago to have sports games or practices on Wednesday nights. That now happens quite regularly and in the Bible Belt no less. Some sports teams even practice on Sunday mornings. Church today has become completely optional for a large section of society. You have most likely seen this in your area with your own church attendance.

The question many church leaders ask is, “Can anything be done about this number?” The answer is “YES!” But it takes a lot of guts by ministers, church leaders and even church members to admit they may be doing some things in their own congregation that could be helping that number increase before plans can be put into place to help that number decrease.

Spiritually Strong Christians

All congregations are different but one necessity lacking in many is spiritually strong Christians. If your congregation needs help to grow spiritually, drop everything else you are doing. Stop starting new programs. Get people to walk, talk and breathe Jesus the Christ. That is the most important aspect of a healthy, thriving and vibrant body of Christ.

Let’s Talk

Let’s discuss a successful, biblically based strategy which will make your congregation spiritually and numerically stronger. Contact BTS today and let’s have a productive talk about what we can do to help you. Our prices are affordable. We provide discounts for any congregation which needs one and we specialize in small and mid-sized churches.

If you want your congregation to grow numerically, first make sure those members you currently have and your current leadership are growing spiritually stronger each and every week. The numerical growth will come in God’s perfect timing.

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