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Are We a Disconnected People?

Not an exercise bike, but a bike, nonetheless.

I often ride an exercise bike. While I do so, I spend time talking to God, reading the Bible, or I drift back to the Wild West by reading a western from Louis L’Amour. Well, today I had a very simple thought cross my mind while I rode my bike to nowhere. I figured out that if I don’t eat right, all the exercise in the world is useless as I strive to lose weight.

Why do the Evil Prosper?

money evil prosper devo

A question arose the other day, “How can I be doing wrong if things are going good for me?” This question has been asked for thousands of years and I’ve come to realize that life is simply hard to understand at times. Have you or anyone you know ever asked this question?

Committing Errors – Free Bulletin Articles

baseball error making errors devo

On October 14, 2003, millions of Chicago Cubs fans wept. They saw a stellar season go down the drain. Two things happened in the fatal 8th inning of the Cubs vs. Marlins game that night in Chicago. The first bad thing was an uncaught foul ball hit into the left field stands. The other bad thing was an error by the shortstop (Alex Gonzalez) which gave the Marlins the chance to score many times that inning.

A Cluttered Desk – Free Bulletin Articles

cluttered desk free bulletin article

I am proud to announce that I now sit at a clean desk. I find it amazing that my desk was clean just a few weeks ago. It WAS clean. It WAS spotless. But then I began my normal routine and the clutter began to pile high. My desk reminds me of the Christian life…

Are We Terrible People?

terrible people

My mouth fell open the day I heard a student in a Christian campus ministry pray, “Dear father God, we are terrible people.” I thought that person was incorrect and then had to go to the Bible to prove my point.

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