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They Messed It Up On Page Three!

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Genesis 3

I once heard a wise preacher talk about Adam and Eve. He said they had the whole world in their hands, or in other words they had everything they would ever need and “they messed it all up on page three.”

Adam and Eve messed up things on page 3 - Sin entered the worldI was thinking about my son earlier tonight. I thought to myself, “I have a very strong-willed child.” I know James Dobson wrote a bookabout a child like mine, but what about adults? There certainly are a lot of strong-willed adults. There are adults who rebel against authority of any type, especially the authority of God. There’s going to be some of us strong-willed adults going to heaven but we’ll be fighting all the way there. By that, I mean that God is trying everything he can to help us get to heaven, but strong-willed adults fight against God at most every turn. Strong Willed Adults want to do things our own way. You may have noticed that I put myself in the category of a strong willed adult.

To a certain degree, I try to do things my own way. God has his parameters and I stay within them but I always try to do things in the most difficult way. Are you like that too? God offers many doors of opportunity with each door meeting his acceptance. There are certain doors of opportunity that are just more difficult than others; those are the ones I choose to walk through. I’m a strong willed adult.

While we are not rebelling outright against God, we strong willed adults might make God wonder why we don’t do things the easier way. God loves us and there is no doubt about that. Let us take advantage of the easier way of doing things by submitting more to His will, His guidance, His word.

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