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Twelve Stones

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12 stones in the book of Joshua

This photo isn’t exactly 12 stones, but you probably get the idea. Imagine these in the middle of a river and piled up a bit taller.

Joshua 3:14-17; 4:9

My wife and I used to travel to Newman, IL every year on Memorial Day weekend to visit my Aunt Ellene. She called Memorial Day by its original name, Decoration Day. When she could still get around, it was a day she placed flowers on the graves of her family members. In 1967, the federal government officially changed the name to Memorial Day. This is the day we remember all of America’s fallen soldiers. I praise God for the souls of each and every American that has died in service to his or her country. The Bible also mentions some memorials; we think of the Lord’s supper as such an event. There is one that goes back to Old Testament times.

In Joshua chapters 3 and 4, the story is told of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River while it was at flood stage. God cut off the flow of the river so they could cross on dry ground. This was an amazing miracle for which God wanted them to make a memorial, a reminder that God took care of his children. Joshua took twelve stones, one for each tribe of Israel and made a memorial in the middle of the river. Soon after, the river returned to flood stage. This memorial would appear after the flood season had ended. Imagine the future generations that would live in that land. If they moved there during the flood/harvest season, they would see no memorial of stones in the river. Then when the waters went down, the memorial would seem to magically appear. This was a sign and a reminder of God’s taking care of his children.

I wonder what I could list as a sign of God’s love in my life. I know there has to be more than just one thing. Today, in a book I’m writing, I listed two times during my junior high years when I could have had my life ended or drastically altered in a disastrous way. I also have my bride and my son as wonderful reminders. I have so many blessings in my life that are reminders or memorials that God takes care of his children.

As a child of God, how does he remind you of his love for you?

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