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Creating content for a weekly church bulletin whether it is print or emailed and figuring out what type of content to put on your church website are both daunting tasks. Once in the while time gets the best of church secretaries and ministers as well. We hope our free content section will provide you with helpful content. We've begun this section with church bulletin articles and devotionals. You may use these free and no credit needs to be given B. Thomas Strategies or the author of the content. We will continue to add further filler content such as jokes, trivia, puzzles, quotes, poetry and short profiles of historical figures from the Bible and from church history.

Feel free to use anything you find in these pages in your church bulletin, your church website and your church emails. Some of our items may also make great sermon illustrations too. While everything here is free to use, we do ask that you please click on any interesting books you find in the ads or mentioned within the free content posts, typically found at the end of the free bulletin articles.

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Yes it’s Just That Simple, But… – Free Bulletin Articles

Triumph motorcycle

It’s simple but so hard sometimes to talk to people about Jesus or to invite them to church, especially if they are strangers. Here’s a bulletin article on how one individual used a joke and his love for motorcycles to break the ice and invite a stranger to church.

Genealogy – Does it Matter?

genealogy devo

Reading through the first four books of the New Testament is difficult at times. My wife and I are embarking on this journey again this month. I encourage you to do the same. In doing so, one of the more difficult readings is the first chapter of Matthew. When I was in preaching school someone asked a professor if the genealogy of Jesus could be skipped since it wasn’t that important. You can imagine his answer…

Christianity is Offensive!

Jesus on cross

Christianity, to some, has come to be thought of as a religion of comfort. Christianity makes us feel good and should. The assurance of God’s love should overwhelm us with joy! However, Christianity is offensive. Becoming a Christian is making a change in one’s life. Being creatures of habit, change is naturally offensive. “How dare you tell me I need to change my lifestyle!” is an often heard lament.

Are We a Disconnected People?

Not an exercise bike, but a bike, nonetheless.

I often ride an exercise bike. While I do so, I spend time talking to God, reading the Bible, or I drift back to the Wild West by reading a western from Louis L’Amour. Well, today I had a very simple thought cross my mind while I rode my bike to nowhere. I figured out that if I don’t eat right, all the exercise in the world is useless as I strive to lose weight.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?


There are different types of people in every collective group. These groups may consist of school students, church members, or employees. Everyone within these groups won’t think alike. How do those differences affect the objectives for each group, learning, worshiping God, or completing the mission of the employer? Such differences can cause trouble.

Mistaken Identity

Noahs Ark devo

At a Noah’s Ark themed Vacation Bible School my son attended a couple years ago, I heard a very interesting conversation. A parent came in the door and saw her teenage daughter dressed in a costume. The first words out of her mouth were, “What are you?” Her daughter answered, “A towns person.” The mother retorted, “I thought you were going to be a pig.” I believe that was a big case of mistaken identity.

God Provides – Free Church Bulletin Articles

oak tree leaf

You’ve heard that saying, “Where one tree is cut down, God will provide another.” What? You haven’t heard that saying? It’s true. I’ve witnessed it personally in my own front yard.

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